Corporate Governance

There are many different definitions of corporate governance, but it is most frequently viewed as consisting of both the structure and the relationships which determine corporate direction and performance.

The board of directors is central to corporate governance. Its relationship to the other primary participants, who are typically shareholders and management, is critical. It should also have a correct relationship to additional participants, who usually include employees, customers, suppliers and creditors.

The corporate governance framework must also reflect the legal, regulatory, institutional and ethical environment of the community. In broad terms, corporate governance refers to the way in which companies are directed, administered and controlled.

When companies lack effective corporate governance they cannot be successful. Problems such as poor management, inadequate accounting, flawed trading policies and failure to adapt to change can cause companies to perform badly and insufficiently.

At PMO Business Consulting we help clients devise and implement management, administration and control mechanisms which achieve the best possible results for their company.

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